Democratique Socks

Democratique Socks

Democratique Socks is a very young brand, founded in September 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first collections we’re available in stores about 6 months later. And now, 2 years later they’re already an established brand in the fashionbusiness.

Some might say, that socks aren’t something you really think about when you get dressed in the morning. But that’s not true. More and more see socks, as a very important accessory like belts, bracelets, shades etc.

People want socks in a good quality instead of the cheap ones from the supermarket. And that’s we’re Democratique Socks shows what they’re worth. They produce high quality socks, for quite reasonable prices. The socks are available from app. 10$

But what I really think is cool about Democratique Socks are, that You can design your own socks. Every 2nd month, Democratique Socks picks out the best 12 designs, and people are able to vote for their favorites. If your design wins, it will go to production, and the design will be named after You.

Next deadline for creating and upload your own design, is November 30th, 2013. So there’s plenty of time to be creative.

Read more about Democratique Socks, Design your own or buy some of the existing designs here: WWW.DEMOCRATIQUESOCKS.COM

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